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Finish line, town line, throw down, any time. Specialized designed the S-Works Ares to be the most efficient and powerful performance shoe ever made. Decades of Body Geometry development met obsessive innovation working with the best athletes in the world to reimagine the race shoe. It’s 1% faster than any shoe they’ve ever made, and at the finish line, that’s all that matters.


Lock In & Power UpClosure Reinvented

Searching for the ultimate balance between unprecedented power transfer and all-day comfort resulted in an entirely new, patent-pending closure architecture. By triangulating retention across the midfoot and spreading pressure out over a larger surface area, the S-Works Ares essentially eliminates foot roll within the shoe. Lock in and power up for more speed.

Body Geometry

Body Geometry shoes win more world tour races than any other shoe on the planet. A key technology that helps create this performance is Specialized's Varus Wedge, a patented 1.5mm outward tilt to the outsole that stabilizes the forefoot and helps align the ankle, the knee, and hip. to deliver more power, fewer injuries, and more comfort. The result? At 200 watts over 10km effort you’ll be 14 seconds faster. In a sport where very second matters, that’s a whole lot of seconds to get ahead. 

High Velocity Comfort

No pain no gain is bullshit. Combining Specialized's new closure system with a Dyneema®-reinforced tongueless sock, they reduced pressure on tendons for supreme comfort, so when the moment comes–an attack in the hills, a long solo move, or a full gas sprint for the line–you'll simply be 1% faster, because explosive speed should only be uncomfortable for the rest of the pack.

When I slip my feet into the Ares, it’s like putting on slippers next to the fire.

Julian Alaphilippe, Deceuninck — Quick-Step

1% Faster.
Validated By Science. 

Specialized's peak power ride study validated the S-Works Ares increased power delivery and their pressure mapping studies verify a 20% increase in contact surface compared to traditional closure systems. All of this adds up to a shoe 1% faster than anything they've ever made, validated by science. Over a 300meter sprint, that’s the difference between a photo finish and winning by a bike length. 

Specialized Ares Shoes Pressure Map


These are pressure mapping images of the same rider, at the same power, in a shoe with a traditional dual closure versus the new patent-pending S-Works Ares closure architecture and demonstrate the S-Works Ares 20% increase in contact surface. 

At the Tour this year, I was worried one of the other sprinters was going to have the S-Works Ares shoes before me, I know it makes a difference.

Sam Bennett, Deceuninck — Quick-Step

World’s Fastest Outsole Stiffer, lighter and locked

The S-Works Ares features the World Championship-winning FACT Powerline™ carbon outsole with a stiffness index of 15.0. What happens when you combine the lightest and stiffest outsole in the world with the new S-Works Ares patent-pending closure system? Every ounce of energy becomes pure acceleration.