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Specialized 2FO Roost Stick to it & Roost

Specialized 2FO Roost shoes increase comfort and improve performance so you can stick to the pedal and shred with style. Here comes the 2FO Roost. 

Bear Hug the Pins

The 2FO Roost features Specialized's newly developed, 3rd generation SlipNot rubber sole designed to stick to and hug pedal pins. Giving riders a sticky, controlled feel while ripping through rough braking bumps and across trail chunder...chunder? At least that’s what the test riders keep saying.

“Comfy, light, and great for having fun on the trail without racing. The wide clearance for cleats is really good and I love how clean and good looking they are.’’   
Loic Bruni

Lugged In

The clip version of the 2FO Roost pairs the next generation SlipNot outsole with a roomy cleat pocket, making it easier to engage your pedals in even the roughest trail conditions.

"Clearance around the cleats is super good. They’re ready to go; they don't need break-in. It’s not a race shoe and my friends will love it." 
Finn Iles

Fresh Is Fast

Specialized wanted to keep the Roost as light as possible, so they did away with the traditional foam padding in the upper and replaced it with Xpel™ Airmesh. A lighter, more breathable material, Xpel™ Airmesh retains all the impact reduction properties of traditional padding while reducing weight and significantly increasing drying speed. Because no one wants to ride in wet shoes—that’s a fact.

Body Geometry 

Specialized's engineers, designers, and athletes spend countless hours in the saddle obsessing about ways to make their trail shoes better. That’s why they brought Body Geometry features like Longitudinal Arch, Varus Wedge, and a Metatarsal Button to the 2FO Roost, increasing performance and comfort. The key is listening to what riders want in order to develop equipment that meets their demands on the gnarliest trails. 

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