Review: Kona Rove

Review: Kona Rove

Review: Kona Rove

I've been riding the titanium version of the Kona Rove, the "Ti Rove", for about 4 months now. The freedom this bike affords and encourages is amazing if you allow yourself to explore.  Even in the peak mountain bike and road riding season, I'll jump on the Rove up to 3 times a week due to its adventurous nature.

The freedom this bike affords and encourages is amazing if you allow yourself to explore.

Like any good cross bike, it is both fast and rugged, but the Kona Rove adds nimble but stable handling to the mix allowing you look far ahead for the next trail option while the bike keeps you on the straight and narrow (or not, if you want! ) This time of year, we can add poor conditions to the mix of varied situations you might face if you're inclined to brave the weather and see how fall and winter can be an amazing time of year to ride!

There's always another route...

From the Kona Website

To demonstrate the wild diversity of our popular Rove we sent the Kona film crew to the pastoral roads and trails above our European Headquarters in Versoix, Switzerland. There, amongst the old forests and healthy cows living in the foothills of the Alps, our Freerange cromoly gravel grinder comes alive on anything we can throw at it.

VIDEO: You'll find the video on the right side of the Rove page.

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