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Review: Kona Jake Series Cyclocross Bikes

Review: Kona Jake Series Cyclocross Bikes
Kona Jake Series Cyclocross Bikes The Kona   Jake the Snake started life as inspiration from Kona Bikes co-owner, Jacob Heilbron, " Jake ", who was the national champion from 1978 in cyclocross racing before starting the a fore mentioned bicycle company. Jake wanted a bike in their product lineup that spoke to his truelove of cycling, the cyclocross bike, thus the Jake the Snake  was introduced to the marketplace. Initially, as a Bicycle Dealer, we thought this was simply a cool bike …...
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Paris to Ancaster: MTB vs Cyclocross

Paris to Ancaster: MTB vs Cyclocross
Since the inception of the point to point spring race/ride "Paris to Ancaster", there has been a huge growth in particpation for the event. Today there are two starting points to chose depending on how competitive or fit you are, which has opened the opportunity for alot of people with less hours on the bike to still enjoy the race and be as competitive as they'd like. The common discussion within all levels of riders is "what's the best bike to ride?". The answer depends on your priorities and ...
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Clearing Out 2016, 2017, 2018 Bikes

We currently have a selection of 2016, 2017 and 2018 SWORKS, Specialized and Kona Bikes.
Our selection varies from day to day.
It's best to call if you have an eye on one of the bikes listed below.

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