5 Reasons to Buy a Specialized Camber 29er

5 Reasons to Buy a Specialized Camber 29er

In 1987, I purchased my first "mountain bike".  My hardtail consisted of flat handlebars, wide, knobby tires, and a triple crank.  I used that bike for all my riding needs after selling my 1986 road bike. My mountain bike provided lots of memories, good and bad including several trips over the handlebars (some of which I don't even remember), as well as tackling sections of the Waterdown Trail system with my two boys.  With this bike, I learned the following:

  • How to scream quietly, as not to distrub nature, when falling on a section of rocks. 
  • How to be proficient at picking out thorns when mis-navigating a "water hazard" on the route.

Memories eh?!?

Well last Wednesday I had the privilege of riding a Specialized Camber 29er on the Wednesday Night Group Ride.  Here are my observations.


5 Reasons to Buy a Specialized Camber 29er

  1. Wheels - 29 inch wheels allowed me confidence cycling over sections of rock that I NEVER in my life have every ridden over before.  I'm definitely SOLD on the 29ers.
  2. Hydraulic Brakes - Worth every penny.  When you are traveling downhill and need responsive braking, these brakes will do the job.  You are able to keep all but one finger on your grips allowing you to navigate the Waterdown terrain.
  3. Gearing - Although I struggled on some of the hills because of my inexperience, the gearing ratios seemed more than adequate for the varied terrain.
  4. Frame - I found the frame style allowed me to have great clearance over rocks and fallen trees, allowing me to pedals through difficult areas without hitting rocks and roots.
  5. Shocks - The dual suspension on the bike was a dream. Up until last Wednesday, I rode the trails with NO suspension.  My oldest son noted that I needed to change my riding style because I consistently took my butt off the seat.  The dual suspension is there for a reason.

The Right Bike for the Right Terrain provides a Great Riding Experience

The 29er KONA Hei Hei

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