The 29er KONA Hei Hei

The 29er KONA Hei Hei

As I wrote earlier in the year, I am sold on the 29ers. As a 40+ year old I can now keep up to my 11 year old while cycling the trails in Waterdown, especially some of the rock beds. The usual result from my attempts at these natural obstacles is to end up lying on my side screaming to get the bike off me. Now with that said, I have renewed confidence in riding the trails with a 29er. As I listen and read and seek to stay informed about trends etc, I came across this mountain biking video produced by Kona a shot in British Columbia. The video highlights two of Kona's bikes, the 29er Hei Hei and the 29er King Kahuna. Watching this video is downright inspirational. I quote one viewer, "If this footage doesn't make you want to ride, well, then you're just dead inside . . ."


Great bike, Great value.

Happy Riding.

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