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Specialized Bicycles

  • The All-New Enduro’s new linkage places shock mass as low and centered as possible on the frame, giving the bike an incredibly planted and confident feel. Share the radically new Enduro on your social channels today.
  • No matter the rain or terrain, the All-New Rime shoes are the Total Package. Built to be tough and capable, with walkable outsole and water-resistant X-PEL™ mesh upper, Rime shoes are ready to get rugged.

  • Let’s just call it what it is: The Turbo Kenevo is, hands-down, the most capable e-mountain bike to hit the dirt. You’re looking at 180 millimeters of supple suspension configured around a bomber chassis and decked out in components that take a beating. This is a gnar-devouring, air-catching marvel.

  • The Stumpjumper EVO Comp Carbon 27.5 and 29 have been designed with one goal—to conquer the gnarliest of trails out there, without a DH bike.

  • Meet the all-new Turbo Levo. The motor is 15% smaller, 11% lighter, and can amplify your power by 410%. It's the power to ride more trails...made smarter. Share Turbo Levo assets with your riders today so they can experience the power to ride even more trails.

  • The new 2FO Clip 2.0 shoes blend the style and comfortable fit of our popular 2FO Flat 2.0 with the sure-footed pedal interface and SlipNot™ rubber. Share the all-new 2FO on your social channels today.

  • In the past, highly visible colours have not been seen as ‘cool’ in the road scene. Today that changes with HyprViz. It’s a collection that provides effective visibility in a modern way, combining a clean aesthetic with performance apparel, and a cutting-edge visibility strategy.

  • Sirrus X is your ticket to riding more, and to places you never imagined possible. 

  • Meet the Turbo Creo SL, the first ever Turbo Road Bike. It delivers a light and lively road bike feel for the performance rider with mountain-flattening power, range for epic rides, and seamless connectivity. No system on earth could create the ride we wanted, so we built one from the ground up

  • The newest addition to the Specialized line-up of bikes is the Diverge.  The aptly named bike has proved itself in the minds of reviewers from Cycling Tips, Cycling Weekly and Outside Magazine, to name just a few.

  • The new Roubaix Expert now delivers compliance without compromise. It is equipped with the Future Shock 2.0 suspension that offers more control and damping options as well as the new Pavé seat post whose vertical flexibility completes the front suspension in a balanced way. Share these images on your social media to show the new Roubaix Expert.

  • Excuse the brag, but we've really outdone ourselves here. Proving that true trail-taming capability doesn't have to come at an intimidating price, the Rockhopper Expert is the culmination of 30 years of redefining the relationship between value and performance.
  • There’s no other e-bike out there with ride quality, range, and power like this, at a weight that’s light enough to carry. Pedal, then go—over hills, past traffic. Cruise to 32 km/h, for up to 130 km. And at 40% lighter than the average e-bike, the Turbo Vado SL is built to bring with you: up the stairs, down the hall, on the train, to the office, and everywhere you go.

  • Turbo Como is all about making you feel good. The ride is as smooth as it looks, and Turbo Como’s efficient design helps you get more out of every pedal. Ride until your cheeks can’t stand your smile.
  • With the success of both the Process 134 and the Remote 160, it only made sense to blend the two and create the ultimate trail e-MTB. The Remote 130 strikes perfect harmony between an all-mountain trail bike and pedal-assist electric bike. 

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