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Bring on the mountains, bring on the sun, bring on the heat. The S-Works Vent is more ventilated than a chain-link fence, with all the Body Geometry design, performance and comfort that made the S-Works 7 legendary. The new S-Works Vent is simply the coolest way to go fast indoors or outdoors.

Beyond Breathable

Created for the hottest days on earth, and an even hotter pace in the saddle, the S-Works Vent features a lacey, engineered-mesh upper, two toe ports, and a ventilated outsole. You will quite literally feel the wind between your toes. 

Ready for the Heat of Battle

Extreme ventilation doesn’t come at the expense of performance. The mesh upper is reinforced with Dyneema® and works with dual BOA® dials and our PadLock™ heel for a secure fit, while we borrow our lightest, ventilated carbon outsole from the S-Works EXOS. No watt is wasted.

Dyneema® & Engineered-mesh upper

So much of the S-Works Vent’s magic lies in the new upper. Engineered-mesh puts the ventilation exactly where it’s needed, while Dyneema®–15x stronger than steel and lighter than carbon–reinforces the mesh. It’s a combination of exceptional hold and supreme comfort.

Vent your toes!

It takes more than mesh to create ventilation, it takes air flow–air moving across your foot and removing heat. Two ports in the toe kick are perfectly positioned to let air enter the toe box, which is then exhausted through the mesh upper and ports in the outsole.

The Stiffness of Powerline™

Super light, super stiff and super ventilated, we’ve borrowed the FACT Powerline™ outsole from our S-Works EXOS shoes. With four vents, it keeps a high volume of air flowing to cool your feet, while still hitting 13 on our stiffness index, despite being the lightest outsole we’ve ever made.

Custom BOA® S3 dials

We worked directly with BOA® to create dials like you’ve never seen before. The CNC’d alloy dials not only add panache, but they also feature spring-clutch internals and one-millimeter micro-adjustments. Durable. Precise. Perfect. And yeah, you won’t find them anywhere else.

Cool inside out

Chamois time is training time. And whether it’s outdoors, or indoors with your online cycling community, every pedal stroke counts. When the watts go up and the sweat flies, there is no reason not to keep the power up and the cadence going. It will never be too hot again.


The remarkable performance of the S-Works Vent was developed by a world-class footwear team constantly questioning the status quo to benefit our pro racers, and their ever-changing needs, integrating the latest tech available in cycling shoe manufacturing. No compromises are made, first to the finish is the only goal for the footwear team.


Like all our shoes, the S-Works Vent is built on the foundation of Body Geometry—to boost power, increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of injury by optimizing hip, knee, and foot alignment. With a supple mesh upper that doesn’t compromise hold, it’s also the most comfortable race shoe we’ve ever made.