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Clearing Out 2015, 2016, 2017 Bikes

We currently have a selection of 2015, 2016 and 2017 Specialized and Kona Bikes.
Our selection varies from day to day.
It's best to call if you have an eye on one of the bikes listed below.

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  • It's Lunge time on the last day of summer and Morgan is so excited about the arrival of the newest #Fatboy and #fatboycarbon AND associated gear such as #45nrth cobrafist and Wolvhammer boots! The 2018 Fatboys are re designed and upspec'd! Carbon bike has 12 speed eagle and Carbon crank while base Fatboy has true 11 spd and SRAM Level brakes. Both now have tubeless ready rims!#lifeisgood #grablifebythebars #waterdowntrails #fatbikingfun
  • Looking for an alternative to the iconic but dead Trigger Pro 33C. First ride on the #schwalbe G One 30C is very promising. Minimal tread seems to give a good sense of control at 60psi and is certainly fast on the asphalt. Will be better on the road with 70 to 80(max pressure). They set up easily tubeless and had great feel for gravel and wet at 50psi. As we approach more fall weather(5celcius and damp) this morning, it's good to have another good option for the changing conditions and surface options #grablifebythebars #specializedbikes #crux
  • "WayBack Wednesday" the ultimate ride in 1998 was this Titanium Kona Hei Hei. It has been updated to disc brakes and a Fox fork to make it more current, but those little 26" wheels take me back to the good(?) old days when bikes were harder to ride! It's still fast enough to pass the dutchie on the left hand side(Martin that is) also joined in this Wednesday BW ride splinter Group are the Bartels, Mike and Luke, good times! #waterdowntrails #grablifebythebars #lifeisgood #konaheihei #titanium
  • The spirit of mountain biking is alive and well in this group tonight as a mud covered Jen says, " I AM an Intermediate and above!". Good job! Love to be out with people that like to challenge their comfort zones and push themselves to get better, and have fun at the same time! Wait, did I describe MTB? #grablifebythebars #lifeisgood #waterdowntrails #specializedfuze
  • I had a chance(s) to ride and set up a 2018 Stumpjumper Pro with Ohlins suspension and 29 wheels. Last two years we have favoured the 27.5 plus (6fattie) version, so I was eager to try this newest offering with the wheels that roll! The bike did not disappoint delivering amazingly supple suspension that ramped up for the bigger hits and g-outs. The wheels offered a quality I wasn't used to in this category, speed and roll ability, combined with the capable and confidence inspiring suspension and handling, this bike proves to be exciting to ride and extremely versatile, ready for anything short of an XC race ( but it's not slow, just doesn't rip the climbs). The option to slip in 6fattie wheels adds to the versatility and fun potential! I told my sales rep he couldn't have it back, he took it anyway... I want one! #grablifebythebars #specializedbikes #stumpjumperfsr #ohlinssuspension
  • Blue waters of Georgian Bay part way on Grey #1 part of a great tour of the Bruce Peninsula and Grey on (thankfully) 28mm tires and my favorite titanium fondo bike #lifeisgood #grablifebythebars #konaesattoti
  • Kicking off our first morning at Sauble with a quiet tour( everyone is sleeping it seems) on my favorite classic cruiser/farmbike with a stop at the famous and fattening Luscious Bakery! Now I eat...#grablifebythebars #trytorelax #farmbike #lifeisgood #lusciousbakeryon
  • Riding the Levo Fatboy with BW Group 1 tonight, this electric assist Fatbike is SOOO much fun! To go faster or farther than usual with all the fun traction and feel of a Fatbike is awesome! Fun times all year! #specializedbikes #waterdowntrails #grablifebythebars #levo

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