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Welcome to Bicycle Works,

where we ride what we sell. We are equipped with top notch staff and the best equipment to help you along the way!

Clearing Out 2015, 2016, 2017 Bikes

We currently have a selection of 2015, 2016 and 2017 Specialized and Kona Bikes.
Our selection varies from day to day.
It's best to call if you have an eye on one of the bikes listed below.

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  • Orange theme Ti Honzo build complete! Well spec'd with Hope Pro 4 hubs and brakes. Fox 36 up front for the aggressive nature of this particular rider, Stans Sentry rims with big 2.5 Maxxis Shorty tires. Race face Turbine crank and Fox Transfer dropper round out this rider specific build! Good times! #konabikes #lifeisgood #grablifebythebars #tihonzo
  • Riding the 29plus wheels on frozen iceless snow! Fast and fun! One more great opportunity today's performance Fatbikes allow is the ability to run different wheelsets to optimize conditions, seasons or just for the sake of change! 29 plus wheels still offer a lot of the traction and smoothness of a fat tire without the weight and sluggish feel. Good times! #specializedmtb #fatboycarbon #29plus #lifeisgood #grablifebythebars #waterdowntrails
  • Two Ti Honzo builds on the go! One Fox36 with orange Hope bits, one with Fox34 and blue Chris King bits! It's a tough job piecing these beauties together, but we're willing to do it anyway! #konabikes #tihonzo #hopeindustries #chrisking #grablifebythebars #lifeisgood
  • Groundhog Day! I searched high and low in the #waterdowntrails for Waterdown Wanda, however, no sightings! I did however see my own shadow, and had a great morning ride on perfect snow! Solid, crunchy snow and very little ice on most popular trails! #lifeisgood #grablifebythebars #specializedmtb #fatboy #specialized_ca
  • Winter is back, again! We have been overshipped and they are now "End of Season" priced! Lots of winter left, anyone that has a good Fatbike will suggest you'll use it the rest of the year too! And that model... #fatbikefun #konabikes #specializedmtb #grablifebythebars #lifeisgood
  • Timing is everything! Gorgeous morning in the woods on frozen trails! Thanks to those that bike or hike when conditions are best, not just when it suits them. I found a lot of rutted trails in very popular public areas. Doesn't help the cause... #waterdowntrails#grablifebythebars #lifeisgood #respect#specializedmtb #fatboy
  • Aaand... back to winter! Good morning ride with the facially insulated crew! Good times! #fatboy #waterdowntrails #fatbikesandbeards#winterisback #grablifebythebars #lifeisgood
  • So warm! Had to take my Full Fendered Friend out for a ride in the rain! #specializedmtb #defroster boots and #element1.0 jacket, it was a good opportunity to test the newly arrived for 2018 Flux 900 headlight. 900 lumens in a compact and light weight package, 3 useful settings, it was strong enough to show me the road even in a solid rain! #tirove #konabikes #flux #stixlights #grablifebythebars #lifeisgood

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